The image of the project

The territory of the Agarve is the intervention area of the actions to raise awareness about climate change of the AMAL Intermunicipal Plan for the Adaptation to Climate Change. This sets the background of the brand representing this Plan - ClimAAA.

The proposed logo is a variation on the reading of the link between land and sea. Its rising form calls for citizens to take action, conveying the message that adaptation to climate change is urgent and requires everyone to be on board for everyone’s sake. The three colours shown in the logo represent the colours of the three natural zones characteristic of the Algarve: the coast; the “barrocal” and the mountain.

It is up to all of us citizens, individually, to question our standards of living in order to adopt sustainable behaviours, not only for the sake of planet Earth, but also for the survival of humanity. There is a long list of mitigation and adaptation measures emanating from science that must be seized and put into practice by everyone. However, only a society that is properly informed, concerned and willing to act can successfully carry out these measures.

Considering that climate change involves complex concepts and is difficult to pass on, it is necessary that there are appropriate ways of communicating them to the population.

And that is our role!

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